Evan Gillon

My name is Evan Gillon, and I'm a third year Public Policy major from Smyrna, Georgia. I've been involved in SGA since the very beginning of my time at Tech, starting as a member of the Elections Committee my first year, serving as the Public Policy Rep in the Undergraduate House of Representatives my second year, and now currently serve as Vice President of External Affairs on Cabinet. Other than SGA, I've worked as Assistant News Editor for the Technique and currently sit on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the School of Public Policy. Outside of Tech, I've had the opportunity to work on two Georgia State House campaigns as Field Director and was lucky to intern for a Fulton County Superior Court Judge this past summer. My experiences in these roles, both within Tech and outside it, have prepared me to make the next step into the role of SGA President. I strongly believe that SGA should serve as a support structure for other organizations and students, and that the strongest administrations are built by surrounding oneself with a diverse group of other people. Following this belief, I intend to listen as much as I lead, and hope to make SGA an organization that truly works best for all students.

Ayo Aladesanmi

My name is Ayo Aladesanmi and I am a third year Economics major from Marietta, GA, also pursuing a minor in Public Policy and a certificate in Finance. Currently, I serve as a Junior Class Representative within the Undergraduate House of Represenatives and as the Speaker Pro Tempore as a member of House Leadership. From the first semester of my Freshman year until now, it has been an amazing and humbling experience to be able to serve as a Representative for the Class of 2019, and within this role I've come to develop an intimate understanding of both the purpose and the power of SGA, as well as the myriad of ways in which our student government can be improved. Since coming to campus I've also gotten plugged into the larger Georgia Tech community through a variety of campus organizations - I am currently a contributing writer for the Technique, an undergraduate researcher within the School of Economics, and a team member on one of many multidisciplinary research teams within Georgia Tech's VIP Program. Outside of Georgia Tech, I've also been fortunate to experience a great deal of what the city of Atlanta has to offer. Working on several political campaigns and in the offices of State House Representatives has allowed me to observe Georgia's lawmaking process up close, and the unique experience of working for an Atlanta-based business focused on cultural representation in business and politics has prepared me to be an effective stakeholder for minority communities while working in environments of influence. As SGA's Executive Vice President, my promise to Georgia Tech is that I will work tirelessly with all of the diverse opinions within SGA to provide students with the same depth of experience that I have felt, work tirelessly with others to enhance the student experience, and ensure that SGA will grow into an organization that students can always trust to represent their interests during their time as citizens of the Georgia Tech community.